Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ascension X

July 17th
This is a step by step for my project for the facebook group Draw or Die. It's an art group and once a month they have an awesome guest art director judge the challenge. This month is the ever so wise Epsen Olsen Saetervik. Google him he rocks. 

 I started by being a dirty rotten cheater and going to and downloading a rigged female model. I could do this myself but I wanna spend more time on the detailed sculpt......and let's be serious for a second, I can so... 
Why not? 
I started with the a body smoothed it out and proceeded to make a light layer of light armour as a base. Then, I took and made a version of the model that covered more and looked a little heavier. I then merged all of the separate meshes together in a single mesh and this is my base for detail sculpting later. This wasn't too bad until I got to the fingers.

I cut her head off (never thought I would have to type that) and made it a separate object file so that I can focus on it. The base head  wasn't all that molded and or good If you can see in the body pose the face was composed of simple flat geometry nothing to write home about. Still working out how I want her to look because I'm not exactly pleased with it now. Just being honest..... I'm thinking if she's carrying around a big ass gun and she's looking for a fight she probably doesn't have girly, girly hair. I haven't played around much with fibermesh in Z-brush but I'm looking forward to it. I guess that's tomorrow.

Now it's Gun Time. Nothing like a bit of Kit bashing to make you feel good about your evening. I'm thinking this'll be a laser cannon a huge thing that should probably be attached to a tank. This is a rough 3d I did in blender. I like it better for flat geometry like this and z-brush for more organic shapes and junk. Keyshot will be my little toy house, where I'll put it all together and render it.  I sort of feel like I'm playing with dolls, make a tiny gun for the person, make the tiny armor for the person. lol

July 20th.
Just a few days since my last postWell. I am trying to keep up with this a little better. Last time was sort of an art dump. I just put up everything I had done up to that point I'm a little bit further in the process. I still have a bit of work to do before even get into photoshop yet. Still working all of the kinks out of the gun the weapon and the HAIR. O lord I have not practiced hair all that much. So I'll be keeping it short for a while at first I think. I also found a robot that had some very interested piping on him that could work as ribbing for her, so I stole just the parts I needed and deleted the rest of the model . 

 I've been trying to thing about what sort of environment she should inhabit. I was thinking that it will be very very futuristic but everything looks a bit worn. Well that's what the brief for the contest called for. Gonna add texture and what not in photoshop when I FINALLY get there. I found some cc-0 (copyright free) models online at blendwap and tore them apart to get the pieces I wanted and re arranged everything to be in a rough assemblage of the final composition. Been having a blast using this 3D stuff. I've never done any kit-bashing before and I can immediately see why it would be beneficial You can essentially build directly off of another persons work while making something all together your own. Thanks for reading and feel free to message me or send me a friend request. Gotta work on the keys and I'm thinking of throwing some scattered dead bad guys in the foreground area. Critique and comments are more than welcome

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mchandi - ZBRUSH + KEYSHOT!! (Sorry for the yelling I'm excited)

Been learning Z-brush and Keyshot for my current project. This is the first character I've created in these two programs. There was some Photoshop afterwards but not much. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I can't wait to get to work on my next pieces. Meet Mchandi. One of the aliens in a story I'm writing with a friend. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bob Revisited

If you go way, way, way, way, way, way, back to my first post you'll see a few posts with Bob. I am currently working on a project with a friend. We started drafting and creating characters for the story and I've always loved Bob. So I brushed out the model and brushed it up. I have about 10 more characters to create but I figured I would get the job started with Bob.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Temple of 3

Something I've been working on for a week or two for my current personal project. Blender and Photoshop. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tatted & Sober

I made a logo for my friend Jaimy Rush this weekend. She's started a gofundme for her non-profit "Tatted And Sober". All of the donations will be made Taylor Robinson and Shay Smith's names. 

While I was working at the Macaroni Grille Shay used to come in often to see Jaimy. She always had a smile on her face and was in a great mood. I can't think of a time where I saw her bummed out or angry. She was like a burst of sun shine walking into the Grille. Normally through the Togo side door. I can still remember her smile when she said "Hey Potter". I never knew that she was struggling with addiction and even though we were only acquaintances our brief encounters left an impact. the fact that she won't be here to smile at others and impact their life in the positive way she impacted mine makes me sad.

Please, If YOU are struggling with addiction to Heroin or ANY other drugs, Alcohol, meth, cocaine, or whatever, GET HELP!. You matter to the people around you and make a dramatic impact on their life. They love you and want you to be healthy. If you are reading this then you can count me in that group. IF you know anyone struggling with this addiction please urge them to get help. IF you have a few extra bucks help Jaimy raise some money to start her non-profit and let's help some people.When I found out what happened I was more than happy to donate my time for graphics. This is the second or third death of a friend or an acquaintances to drugs and I hope it's the last.   <<<<<<Please Click Here if you would like to make a donation. Thanks so much.